Thursday, October 19, 2017 Day 6


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Grade 7 agenda:


  • Review study guide and resources

  • Email QUESTIONS you want covered in class to prepare

  • If you have no questions/concerns, please respond accordingly

Review of Study Materials:

  • Students to identify and share study materials located.

  • brief Review of study guide

SLANT: Density

  • physical property

  • different for each element/compound (unless same by coincidence)

  • ratio between mass and volume

  • What is a ratio?

    • fraction
    • comparison of two quantities
    • how much of one fits in the other
  • mass

  • volume

  • Density Demonstrated

  • Equation density=mass / volume

  • Solving a Problem: FDSS format


WIN: Assessing Source Reliability:

  • Identify two sources on the same topic.

    • evolution

    • chemtrails

    • global warming

  • Find one that appears to be reliable.

  • Find another that appears to be unreliable.

  • Use this resource to guide you.

  • Prepare a couple of slides to discuss their reliability and present to class.

  • identify specific features that support your claim about reliability

  • You have three WIN periods.

Grade 8 Agenda:


  • Graphing Charges and Fields Graphing (Google Classroom) due Friday at 2:59 PM

  • Expect an assignment tomorrow using the completed work.

Join Google classroom: Code written on board:

SLANT: Graphing Charges & Fields

  • Review of assignment

Independent work:

  • Completion of assignment.

  • Pass back Quizzes

  • Go over.