Thursday, October 5, 2017 Day 3

Grade 8 Agenda:


  • Magnetism Experiments Wrap-up presentations on Friday

  • Description of required wrap-up located here.

  • All students are expected to use time today to finish experiments and prepare wrap ups.

  • Groups to agree on "homework" necessary to be prepared for tomorrow.

  • Collaborate in shared documents as needed to prepare for Friday.

  • Any documents needed for presentations MUST be shared with me before tomorrow.

Completion of Experiments and Collection of Data

Work on wrap-up, library

Pass back old work:


WIN: Baby Genius Minutes

You will be making a 3 minute presentation on a topic of your choice.  Your goal is to dig into a subject you are interested in and engage an audience with a short talk that will both interest and educate them. Here is the process:

  • Choose one of your (3) research interests.

    • Phrase it as a question that can be researched.

    • open ended

    • original, interesting, unusual

  • Identify five different sources of information that are relevant to your question.

    • These must be printed, photocopied or obtained (books) and brought to class on Tuesday.

    • I will not provide printing services - this is your responsibility.

  • We will evaluate these sources in small groups.

  • You will use the information to prepare a short talk with your class.

Skills worked on:

  1. Posing research questions.

  2. identifying sources of information

  3. evaluating source quality

  4. organizing ideas

  5. speaking and listening

Grade 7 agenda:


  • Final chemical symbol quiz will be next Tuesday.

Pass back old work:

Homework Check: Flashcards




    • definition
    • properties
    • particle arrangement
    • particle motion
    • viscocity
    • surface tension
  • How could you collect quantitative data on viscosity? 

    • student brainstorm and proposals.