Monday, November 13, 2017 Day 3



Grade 8 agenda:


Prepare for a short acceleration quiz tomorrow.  Be able to:

  • define acceleration

  • know the formula for acceleration

  • calculate acceleration from a word problem

  • describe 3 conditions under which an object is being accelerated.

  • describe/explain what is meant by negative acceleration as opposed to positive acceleration

  • interpret and acceleration graph (speed - time)

  • interpret a speed graph (distance - time)


Do Now:

  • Take out your acceleration HW for a desk check.

  • Please copy the Do Now question (not the table) and complete a solution in your science notebook.

  • Be sure to title and date the work as follows

    • Do Now: November 12, 2017

DoNow Weight Percentage.JPG

Return of "Forces of Nature" Test

  • Go Over

Review of Acceleration Problems:

  • Student Solutions on White board



Second Step

  • If-Then Planning


Grade 7 Agenda:


If not finished in class:

  • Your "Eight Station Density Summary" assignment must be complete and turned in tonight.

  • Your density results must be complete and entered into the Class Data-bank tonight.

Do Now:

  • Obtain a chrome book.

  • Open your "Eight Station Density Summary" spreadsheet in google classroom.

  • Complete the following:

  • Identify any density value greater than 3.2 or less than 2.1.

  • If you have no values greater than or less than these, Identify your max and min values for density.

  • Set up your science notebook to remeasure these (whichever apply to you).

Error Correction Lab:

  • As discussed last week, all measurement involves error.

  • You have taken steps to identify your most serious errors in this lab.

  • You are now tasked with remeasuring and correcting these.

  • Check of notebook setup.

  • Proceed to lab with your group in an orderly manner.

  • Cooperatively re-measure at the station (s) your need.

    • This may involve some flexibility...

  • When finished, re-enter your data into the spreadsheet and check that your result is between 3.2 and 2.1 g/cm³.

    • See me about re-measuring again if needed.

  • Check you and your partners have identical data and results.

    • Correct as needed.

  • Enter values for density into the class data-bank here.