Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Turkey Trot Forms

  • Hand out

  • fill Out

  • Return

Grade 8 agenda:

Homework: None today!

Do Now:

Obtain a chromebook


Acceleration test


Tres Compadres:

Newton's First Law (pages 36 to 39)

Three Roles

  • Reader (reads the section)

  • Commenter (identifies the main point or idea of the section in a comment)

  • Questioner (clarifies the main idea or some other important aspect with a question)


  • Discusses comment and question

  • identifies any key vocabulary (bold or otherwise important)

  • Annotates Chapter Outline Notes in Science Notebook:

    • Section Title

    • Main idea

    • Key supporting details

    • Vocabulary.


Genius Hour

Genius Hour Brainstorm:

  • Fill out brainstorm form:

  • Student pairings to read and find common thread.

    • 2 minutes to read and reflect (silent)

    • 60 seconds to comment and respond (each student)

    • return paper - two minutes to annotate feedback on back.

Next Class:

  • Setting Expectations - groupthink and development of class norms.

  • Driving question (thick/thin) 

  • Form for pitch and other elements...

Grade 7 Agenda:


  • Finish Google classroom Data table assignment we worked on in class for Friday.

Do Now:

Review your results from the lab and your Properties of elements table

  • Copy the following QUESTION into your science notebook: What element do you think these samples are made from? 

  • Respond to the question and Support your claim with evidence from your results.


New sPreadsheet Skill: Merging Cells

Summing up our investigation:

Google classroom Assignment:

  • Use class data to create your own data table:

  • include all eight stations.

  • Remove all information about students names, email addresses, etc.

  • Add summary statistics to the bottom of the table for all stations.

    • average

    • max

    • min

    • range

  • Give the table an appropriate title, borders, etc for use in your lab wrap up.

  • student independent work with teacher conferences

Your final product should be a neat, professional looking data table suitable for pasting into a lab report.