Thursday, November 16, 2017 Day 6

Grade 7 Agenda:

Complete the "Data Table" assignment. 

You should also make a bar graph of the averages.

Lab report due next Wednesday (11/22/17).



Conferences and Extra Help


Grade 8 agenda:




Tres Compadres:

Newton's First Law (pages 36 to 39)

Three Roles

  • Reader (reads the section)

  • Commenter (identifies the main point or idea of the section in a comment)

  • Questioner (clarifies the main idea or some other important aspect with a question)


  • Discusses comment and question

  • identifies any key vocabulary (bold or otherwise important)

  • Annotates Chapter Outline Notes in Science Notebook:

    • Section Title

    • Main idea

    • Key supporting details

    • Vocabulary.