Friday, November 17, 2017 Day 1


Handouts - please check and take as you please.

Award assembly Today - modified schedule:

  • block 5;  12:38 - 1:08

  • block 6:  1:11 - 1:41

  • block 7;  1:44 - 2:14

Grade 8 Agenda:


  • You mayhave a quiz based on your chapter notes Monday

  • 4 short answer questions

  • .Be sure they are finished and complete.

Do Now:

  • Get out your 1st Law Chapter Notes

  • Read and review these until I begin the lesson.

  • Quiet classroom please.


Reading Comprehension Activity:

  • Read "How Soccer Can Help Us Understand Physics"

  • Review Instructions on last page of reading

  • Respond to the comprehension questions on the worksheet.

  • I will assess your chapter outline notes while you work.

  • Silent classroom is expected please.


If finished early:

  • Take a copy of the "Newton's First Law Comprehension Check"

  • Complete it using your notes for reference. Spread yourself out per class norms for quizzes.


  • What should be the Three most important expectations or norms for working DURING wIN time.

  • genius hour project
  • Conference and Extra Help time

Genius Hour

  • Speed Dating Brainstorm

Grade 7 Agenda:


  • Method Paragraph Graphic Organizer due Monday.

  • This will be handed out shortly.

Do Now:

  • Get a Chromebook

  • Begin completing your data table and graph.

  • Copy both into your lab report template when finished.

  • Turn in the class data assignment by the end of class for me to check.