Monday, November 20, 2017 Day 2


Grade 7 agenda:


  • Finish report for Wednesday and Turn it in.

Do Now:

  • Fill out a name ticket and turn it in to me.

  • Get out a pencil.

  • Place your outline on the desk in front of you.

  • neaten your other class materials into a single stack.


Outline Speed Dating

  • Compare major steps (2 minutes):

  • Discuss order (1 minute):

  • Identify steps you neglected to identify (1 minute).

  • Identify steps that are too detailed - need editing (1 minute).

  • Make notes (2 minutes)

Make a new Date!

Class Share out:

  • List of details to include, discussion. 

  • ordering.

  • Final outline drafts in science notebook.

  • A note about transitions.


Final report due Wednesday.



  • Pencil - paper provided

  • Watch TED Talk video.

  • Reflect

  • Share

  • Gratitude

Grade 8 agenda:


  • None:


Do Now:

  • Get out your science notebook and set up to take notes.

  • SLANT: 11/20/17 Diagramming forces

  • Get out colored pencils





Class activity:

  • Draw the forces in your assigned scenario