Monday, November 27, 2017 Day 4

Grade 7 Agenda:


Do Now:

  • Get a copy of "The Nature of Matter"


Read Chapter 1, section 3 of The Nature of Matter (Pages 25 to 29).



  • Complete Unit 1 ASSESSMENT

  • Collected at end of class


Grade 8 Agenda:


Do Now:

  • Please take a Quiz Slip

  • Complete the questions.

  • You have five minutes



Discuss answers to "Do Now"- students to make corrections

  • Please save this as a study aide. You may expect a quiz on the 1st law on Wednesday.


Determining Net Force and Applying Newton's First Law

Hand out the lesson worksheet

  • Students to complete the examples in class:

    • All examples to be completed in your science notebook

    • All work to be neatly drawn, labeled, written

    • write in complete sentences

    • fully explained

    • show work with appropriate labels and units.

    • Leave blank lines under each question (A, B, C) for corrections in class.

  • All three examples on the worksheet are due finished tomorrow.