Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - Day 6



Grade 7 Agenda:

Do Now:

  • Open your science notebook to the Compounds and Mixtures notes.

  • Get out you "Compounds and Mixtures" worksheet.


Completion of Chapter Summary in Notes:


Quiz Thursday:

On Chapter summary

  • Substance

  • Compound

  • Mixture

  • Homogeneous mixture

  • heterogeneous mixture


Compounds in the kitchen mini-Project

Research a COMPOUND of your choice:

Create a 9x11 Poster on oaktag


  • name

  • chemical formula

  • identify type and NUMBER of atoms of each element

  • properties - what is does in food, other PROPERTIES of interest

  • What it is used in (type of food(s)

  • picture of molecule



  • Forming Topic Ideas.

  • Thick vs Thin Questions

  • Writing a driving question



Grade 8 Agenda:

Do Now:

  • Take out your Newtons second Law worksheet

  • Clear your desk and prepare for a quiz on the 1st Law.

  • As you finish:

  • Complete the second law worksheet.

  • No Homework: