Tuesday, November 7, 2017 Day 1


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Grade 8 agenda:


  • Look up, recall the formulas for calculating the two types of energy in the "Do Now" from today.  Calculate and compare the energy of these two objects for tomorrow using FDSS format.

Do Now: Types of Energy

Please open up your science notebooks and take out your Acceleration Calculations.  Be prepared to show me your homework

Use the diagram below to complete the following:

  • Sketch/copy the diagram in your science notebook.

    • For each cannonball (red and blue):

  1. identify what type of energy it has.

  2. explain/define this type of energy.

KE-PE Examples.jpg

Review of Bicycle Race redux:

  • Release scores:

  • Review Correct responses.

  • Discuss "Exemplar" support identified by student teams

  • Discuss "Inadequate" responses identified by student teams.


SLANT: Review of Homework and concepts:



  • Retrieve Source reliability Grading Rubrics - "Score" presenters

  • Presentations


Grade 7 agenda:

Homework: none

Do Now:


Scale Proportion and Quantity

Identify and describe two ways in which "scale, proportion and quantity" relate to the lab activity you participated in today during science class.

  • Get into groups as assigned.

  • Review the Responses on the sheet.

  • Choose a "Best Response"

    • Consider: what vocabulary and concepts did it use

    • Are vocabulary/key terms defined or explained

    • Are vocabulary/key concepts connected to examples from our classwork

Type your "best" response and reasons for choosing it here:  Be prepared to PRESENT your thoughts to the class.