Friday, December 1, 2017 Day 2

Grade 7:

Please complete the research necessary for building your poster project.

Each student may take one piece of 9 x 12 oak tag for working on this project over the weekend.

Do not roll or crumble your oak tag. Rolled or crumpled posters will be graded down or may not be accepted if they are in very poor condition.

You will not be given time to make the poster in school.

I can assist you with printing material on Monday if needed.



Please work on developing your genius hour driving question. You may also work on homework. This is to be quiet, individual work. No one may use the lab area.


Grade 8:

Please complete the Google classroom assignment called "Forces and Motion – Basics"


This will require using a PhET simulation with the same title. A link is in the Google classroom assignment.


You are expected to finish the entire assignment during class. It is to be turned in at the end of class.