Tuesday, December 12, 2017 Day 3


  • If you have not completed social studies test - do during WIN block

Grade 8 Agenda:




Do Now:

Make a list of activities you participate in that involve motion.

Emphasize things you

  • enjoy

  • want to know more about

  • improve in

Notas ad Redigendum (reduce to notes):

Newton's Third Law

Understanding Action and Reaction

  • applied force

  • normal force

  • force pair

Action and Reaction don't cancel!

  • act on different objects

  • Action - applied force on an object

  • reaction - normal force on the object that applied the original force

Examples of Third Law - Video:

  • Third Law and walking

  • Third Law and Rockets

  • Free-fall

Weight is really normal force pushing on us

weightlessness is really lack of normal force

The Project...


conference Block


Grade 7 agenda:

Do Now:

  • Get out your flash cards and study them.

  • Flash card check.

Chemical versus Physical - Venn diagram project