December 13, 2017 Day 4


Grade 7 agenda:


  • none

Do Now:

  • prepare for a quiz

  • record no HW.

  • clear desk

  • obtain your chrome-book

Chemical and Physical properties Quiz

Google Form

Chemical and Physical Change


  • Genius Hour

Grade 8 agenda:


  • Quiz Friday - study guide below

Newton's Laws and Me Project:

Quiz Study Guide

  • state and explain the third law

  • identify action and reaction forces

  • draw a diagram of forces actin on an pair of objects - identify action and reaction

    • applied force

    • normal force

  • identify a force pair

  • explain why action and reaction forces do not cancel

  • be able to explain how rockets work and what weightlessness is (free fall)

    • thrust

    • no normal force

Quiz Friday