Friday, December 15, 2017 Day 6



Grade 7 Agenda:


Prepare a neat data table suitable for the Melting Point and Boiling Point Lab

  • Use a ruler

  • columns for time, temperature, and observations

  • room for 30 minutes of observations - (use back of sheet if necessary)

Do Now:

  • Get out your "Quiz Results Sheet" for chemical and the physical properties quiz.

  • Record HW in your assignment notebook.


Review of quiz results, All students:

  • Make corrections

  • Add notes explaining answers

Boiling Point and Melting Point Lab Prep

  • Read Lab

  • Discuss lab behavioral and safety expectations

  • Assign data table preparation assignment

Chemical and Physical Changes to Matter.

  • Physical change

    • change in form, not composition

    • change in shape

    • change of state

      • vaporization (boiling) - Condensation

      • sublimation - deposition

      • sublimation demonstration

      • melting - freezing

  • dissolving

    • breaks substance down to individual particles

    • substance is still present - just as individual atoms/molecules

    • no change in composition