December 4, 2017 Day 3



Grade 8 Agenda:


Do Now:

Please take out your homework:


Open your science notebook and complete the following:

A crane is lifting a car. The crane pulls upward with a force of 8,000 Newtons and the car has a mass of 750kg.

  1. Diagram the car.

  2. Calculate the car's weight on earth

  3. Label the forces acting on the car.

  4. Calculate the net force.

Review of Friday lesson results:

  • The Google classroom assignment was graded. This grade has been entered.

  • All students are expected to have the entire assignment finished tonight.

  • It must be turned in - no exceptions.

Review of Friday Homework:

  • solutions on the white board

  • correct as needed

Solving problems 2nd law problems factoring in weight.

  • vertical acceleration. 

  • calculate weight

  • diagram and determine net force

  • apply second law.


  • Genius Hour


Grade 7 Agenda:


  • Poster Project due friday

Do Now

Get a copy of the

  • classification of Matter Quiz - worksheet

  • this is practice - not a quiz

  • Complete while waiting.

Quiz: tomorrow per the study guide already covered in class

Review of "Classification of Matter" worksheet

Physical and Chemical Properties Read and Take Notes:

  • work on in class complete in science notebook

  • be sure responses include examples and explanation

Poster printing and other needs work on in class.