Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Day 4



Grade 7 Agenda:


Do Now:

  • Clear and organize your work area and get a pencil ready for a quiz.

Mixtures and Pure Substances: Quiz

Complete chapter notes on Physical and Chemical properties


  • Conference Time

Grade 8 Agenda:


  • Quiz tomorrow: Newton's second Law

Do Now:

  • Please get out your homework and assignment notebook

Pass back and go over Newton's First Law Quiz


Review Problems from last night's homework:


Quiz tomorrow:

  • Newton's Second Law

  • Draw diagrams of forces acting on a body from written descriptions

  • Interpret force-body diagrams

  • determine net force from a force-body diagram

  • Apply Newton's Second Law

    • F = m · a
    • a = F/m
  • identify and use common forces:

    • applied forces
    • force of gravity - weight
    • normal force
    • wind resistance - friction