August 31, 2017 Day 3 Classroom Agenda


No Announcements


Grade 8 Agenda:


Gravity Sentence Frames due tomorrow.


Vocabulary Prep:

Powerpoint (Inversely Proportional)

Tres Compadres Reading: Reader, Commented, Questioner

Taking turns:

  • Reader reads paragraph.
  • Commenter makes a comment about the paragraph (Annotate the reading with this comment.)
  • Questioner asks a clarifying question about the paragraph. (Annotate the reading with this comment.)
  • Group discusses the question and annotated the reading with their thoughts on it.
  • Rotate rolls for each new paragraph and repeat process.

Fill out Ah Ha's vs Hmm... worksheet

  • Ah Ha's are things you "get"
  • Hmm's are things you are confused about.

Class share-out



Gravity Sentence Frames due tomorrow.


WIN Block

Technology Rules and Agreement


Grade 7 agenda:


  1. Quiz on Metric prefixes only - prefix, value, and abbreviation tomorrow.
  2. Hi Ho to Mars We Go due Tuesday


Homework Check:

Flash Card Check and Comprehension quiz


Reading Assignment - Preparing homework:

Review Homework guidelines and sample homework format please.

Review of "Mars" assignment and expectations.

Time to work in class.