Monday, September 11, 2017 Day 3


  • Picture day is today - go during special and remember your picture form
  • The flag is at half staff today in remembrance of the attack on September 11th, 2001
  • During WIN block, stay with your most recent class

Grade 8 agenda:


Calculating Gravitational Force Worksheet due tomorrow.

Flipgrid: "How do you have fun with gravity?" Assignment extended.

Alternative Assignment: 

  • Students who are unable to submit a video may prepare a written response using text and pictures they take (or downloaded versions that are properly cited).  The submission should be typed, double spaced, and ready for class on Wednesday.


  • Due Wednesday

FlipGrid Update

  • Demo a few videos.
  • Time extended
  • Optional submission format.


SLANT: Calculating Gravitational Force Using "g"

  • W = M · g
  • Units for m
  • Units for g
  • Units for W
  • FDSS format and examples
  • Assign worksheet.
  • Gravitational Force Calculations worksheet due Wednesday.


Review of technology policies.

Handout, tech policy sheet to be signed and returned tomorrow.

Grade 7 Agenda:

Flashcard check

  • Review of flashcard requirements and long term vocabulary project

Pass back and review: Hi Ho to Mars We Go

Review Build and Atom Results

  1. What determines which element an atom is?
  2. Does the number of neutrons always equal the number of protons in a stable atom?
  3. What is necessary to make an atom with a net charge of zero?
  4. What determines the mass number of an atom?

SLANT: Notas ad Redigendum