Thursday, September 13, 2017 Day 6


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Grade 7 Agenda:


Make Flashcards from the ELEMENT LIST

  •  only for the ELEMENTS marked "1"


  • Flashcard Quiz


Paired reading and note-taking: (THE NATURE OF MATTER, PAGE 102)

  • Read the relevant section (see list below).

  • Identify and describe/define the term in your notes.

  • Add bullets for examples and additional details below this.

    • METALS





  • Class share-out

  • comprehension check

Homework or as time permits:

Make Flashcards from the ELEMENT LIST

  •  only for the ELEMENTS marked "1"


Capitalization Rules

Grade 8 Agenda:

Homework: Quiz Monday


View the PhET Gravity Force Lab

  • Set both masses to 1000 kg.

  • Click "show values" and "constant radius"

  • Move the m1 so it is at 0.0 m.

  • move m2 so it is at 1.2 m (just about as close as it can get.

  • Make a "T" table labeled "Distance (m)" and "Force (nN)"

  • The unit nM is a nanoNewton or one billionth of a Newton.

  • Find the force of attraction in nanoNewtons by moving the decimal 9 places to the right.

  • Record the force for 1.2 m.

  • Move m2 to the 2m position and record the force in nN.

  • Repeat every meter, 3m, 4m, etc.


Bonus quiz credit Tonight:

Make a FlipGrid video in which you explain something on the study-guide for the quiz.  You get 60 seconds to explain it. Define, explain, give examples. Do a problem and show the work explaining the steps.

I will review and make good videos public as study aides.  No private submissions allowed.