Wednesday, September 20, 2017 Day 4

Grade 7 agenda:

Homework: none

A Rare Material and a Surprising Weapon - Comprehension Check

  • Please take out your homework from this article.

  • You may use it while taking the comprehension check.

  • Pass both and together.

  • Staple the comprehension check on top and the homework underneath.


Note-taking from Text

  1. Obtain a Copy of “the Nature of Matter.”

  2. Read pages 40 through 44.

  3. Take notes into your science notebook. Be sure to define terms, give examples, and add details. In some cases sketching or drawing may be helpful. Be sure you cover the following topics:

  • the four states of matter

  • solids

  • crystalline versus amorphous solids

  • liquid

  • viscosity

  • surface tension

  • gases


Grade 8 agenda:

Homework: none

Magnetic Storm and Aurora Article Comprehension Exercise

  • Take out your video worksheet. 

  • Take out your Aurora article homework.

  • Put away the original Aurora article, you may not use it.

  • Answer the following questions using your homework and worksheet.

  • Turning only this Comprehension Check.

  • Keep your homework and video worksheet

A Journey to the Center of the Earth