Tuesday, September 5, 2017 Day 5 Science Class Agenda


  • Library book notices.
  • WIN - stay with the class you have prior to it.
  • Flag captains to meet here for recess.
  • Recycling to meet tomorrow  - grade 8 only.

Grade 8 Agenda:


  • Complete "The Difference Between Mass and Weight" if not finished in class.   A short "flash card quiz" (literally an oral quiz your write your answers to on a flash card) on gravity based on the reading (What is gravity?), sentence frames, brainpop, worksheets, and class notes will be given tomorrow.

Homework Check - Brainpop Gravity Worksheets:

  • Gravity Observation Chart
  • Gravity Q & A 


  • What do you know about gravity?


  • reduce chalk talk to notes
  • discuss quiz expectations
  • individual assistance as needed

Worksheet: The difference between mass and weight - due finished for tomorrow.



Review of technology policies.

Handout, tech policy sheet to be signed and returned tomorrow.


Grade 7 agenda:


  • Quiz on prefixes and units tomorrow. (11 terms)

Reading Comprehension Quiz and Collect HW

  • Please get your "Mars" homework out and remove it from your notebook.
  • Hi Ho to Mars We Go comprehension quiz
  • Absent students to receive work, due as discussed.
  • Collect with homework

Pass back and go over metric prefix flash card quiz.

Quiz on prefixes and units tomorrow. (11 terms)

Around the world: ATOMS (review)

  • Atoms Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Subatomic Particle Y-Chart

Class Share-outs:



Atoms, reading activity

Tres Compadres: