September 7, 2017 Day 1


  • Specials are swapped today.  Go to related arts second period.

  • WIN will be in the class you are in at the end of block 3.


Grade 8 agenda:

No Homework.

Computer Lab - Gravity and Orbits

  • Bring your Calculating Percentages HW for me to collect in lab.
  • Bring a pencil/pen
  • I will pass back flashcard quiz in lab.

Lab Norms:

  • Focused work is expected.
  • Raising hands for assistance.
  • Quietly assisting a neighbor is helpful and nice.
  • Off task/unrelated conversation is not appropriate

PhET Gravity Simulation

  • Login.
  • Complete the prelab on page 1 while the computer is getting started.
  • Run the simulation.
  • Follow the instructions and fill in the worksheets as you go.
  • I will assist in lab as needed.

The Future:

Calculating Gravitational Force

Practice with gravitational Force due Tomorrow.



Review of technology policies.

Handout, tech policy sheet to be signed and returned tomorrow.



Grade 7 Agenda:

Flashcard Quiz - Metric prefixes and Units Abbreviations

Check and go over HW

Ah Ha's and Hmm's

SLANT: Atom Notes

  • particle, define and describe
  • elements, define and describe
  • particles of elements - atoms
  • what atoms are made of...
  • protons
  • neutrons
  • electrons
  • arrangement


Make flash cards for the following terms:

  • particle
  • element
  • atom
  • proton
  • neutron
  • electron

Add these to your deck of metric prefixes and measurement units.

All flash cards to be neat and completed on standard index cards.



Around the world: ATOMS (review of brainpop worksheet)

  • Atoms Vocabulary Worksheet
  • Subatomic Particle Y-Chart