Friday, September 8, 2017 Day 2


  • Picture day is: Monday, September 11th
  • During WIN block, we will go to the cafeteria to hear a presentation from BayPath

Grade 7 Agenda:



  • Complete the Computer Simulation questions in your notebook for Monday.
  • Make flash cards for the Atoms Notes terms for Monday:
  • Expect a "flash card" quiz on all flash cards on Tuesday.
    • Add these to your deck of metric prefixes and measurement units.
    • A ll flash cards to be neat and completed on standard index cards.


  • particle, define and describe
  • elements, define and describe
  • particles of elements - atoms
  • what atoms are made of...
  • protons
  • neutrons
  • electrons
  • arrangement


Computer simulation: Build an Atom

Questions: Experiment with the simulation to answer the following in your notebook. Copy each question and write a response to it in complete sentences.

  1. What determines which element an atom is?
  2. Does the number of neutrons always equal the number of protons in a stable atom?
  3. What is necessary to make an atom with a net charge of zero?
  4. What determines the mass number of an atom?


Time permitting:

Pass back and go over Hi Ho to Mars We Go

Time to make flashcards

WIN Block

  • BayPath presentation, cafeteria

Grade 8 Agenda:



  • Flipgrid: Make a video telling me how you have fun with gravity.
  • Students who are unable to submit a video may prepare a written description using text and pictures they took or downloaded versions (that are properly cited).  The submission should be typed, double spaced, and ready for class on Monday.

Gravity Simulation: Discussion of worksheet.

Flipgrid training and Just Say Hello!

Complete in class.

Moderation feature.

Discuss assignment for weekend -