January 2, 2018 Day



Grade 8 agenda:


  • Cell review due tomorrow.

Do Now:

Take a sheet of the sketch paper provided.

  • draw a cell

  • label as many details as you can


Cell review:

  • Pass out during "do now"

    • Complete the required notes in your science notebook

    • due Tomorrow, January 3, 2018


Pass back and review:

  • Make-ups...

  • 3rd Law Quiz

  • Lebron James Article



Second Step - Values in relationships


Grade 7 Agenda:


  • Read and complete "Chemical reaction in ancient Roman concrete was key to its durability"

  • Due tomorrow.


Do Now:

Get out your science notebook:

Start a note-taking page:

  • Title: Property Changes - Brainpop

  • Split page into four equal sections.

  • Label the sections as follows:

  1. What is a physical change?

  2. Examples of physical change from the video:

  3. What is a chemical change?

  4. Examples of chemical change from the video:


Watch Brainpop: Property Changes

  • Line Dance Review of Video

  • Comprehension Quiz

  • Go over and discuss examples

  • Time to work on homework as available.