Thursday, January 11, 2018 Day 4


  • No announcements.

Grade 7 Agenda:

Do Now:

  • Study your flashcards and notes quietly in preparation for a quiz.

Chemical Reactions and Formulas Quiz:

Use Chromebooks to work on ChemBalancer while others finish.

  • I have a second set of challenge problems for those who complete the first set.


  • Conference Time

Grade 8 Agenda:


  • Quiz tomorrow!

Do Now:

  • Take out the worksheet from yesterday. 

    • Put your name on it for collection.

  • Get a copy of the Cell Observation Lab

    • Read the lab procedure

    • set up your science notebook with an appropriate heading to take lab observations.

  • I will assign lab groups while you prepare.

Lab: Cell Observation Lab

  • Follow the instructions on the worksheet to observe both cheek and onion cells.

  • See me for materials as you need them.

  • Take careful observations in your science notebook