Friday, January 12, 2018 Day 5


Related Arts switch today - grade 8 to have RA 2nd period.


Do Now:

  • Get a copy o f"DNA" and the note-taking Instructions

  • Record your homework:

  • Prepare for the quiz

Grade 8 agenda:


Cell Structure Quiz

  • Open Response in Google Classroom - to be completed in class.

Grade 7 Agenda:


  • None

Do Now:

  • Please get a copy of the "Iron Acetate and The Law of Conservation of Mass" experiment instructions.

  • Read these carefully.

  • Set up your science notebook to take observations.

  • Make an appropriate heading

  • Copy the table into your notes.


Iron Acetate Experiment

  • student groupings

  • lab station assignments

  • complete the procedure

  • make careful qualitative observations of the steel wool in the vinegar. 

  • Look for any signs of chemical change occuring

  • describe