Monday, January 16, 2018 Day 6


  • WIN block is cancelled today and tomorrow - we will be converting it to class time.

  • Chorus to have extended practice today - Grade 8 chorus members will go to cafeteria for music and miss 2nd period class.

  • Band students will go to Ms.Specker's room, General Music to Mrs. Bradshaw's during this 2nd period

  • All students are to bring a reading book or other long-term work to this 2nd period class.

  • Do not expect to ask for a computer.


Grade 7 agenda:


Complete the lab wrap up.

Do Now:

  • Get out your science notebook and prepare to go back into lab.

  • Iron acetate Reaction - continued


Grade 8 Agenda:


  • You will receive a letter from a classmate. It is real. Follow the instructions word for word.

Do Now:


Pass back and go over cell structure quiz


DNA Basics

  • PowerPoint and Notes