Friday, January 26, 2018 Day 1



Grade 8 Agenda:

Today's driving question:

  • How are traits passed on in living things?


  • Transfer your observations of DNA from today's lab into your science notebook.

  • Advanced notice: DNA Extraction - Personal Narrative Essay

    • Assignment will be reviewed Monday

    • Draft Due Date: Friday, February 2nd

Do Now:

Please take out your:


DNA extraction Lab:


Genius Hour: 

  • 90 second Pitches

Grade 7 agenda:

Today's driving question:

  • What are the signs of a chemical change?


Please complete  the post-lab activity for Monday - in your science notebook.

Do Now:



Decomposition Reaction Lab

  • Please prepare to go into the lab.

    • No Loose clothing or jewelry, long hair tied back

    • You will need safety goggles - please get them going to your station.

  • Bring Lab worksheet, writing instrument

  • Lab Assignments