Friday, October 26, 2018. Day 6


Grade 7 Agenda:

EQ: WHAT is the nature of matter?

Instructor Prep:

  • Prepare a table to record student topics

  • Write source citation format instructions on the board for class to reference


Greek and Latin Week 1-7 quiz on Monday.

Research due Monday

Do Now:


Completed Steps:

  • Research and identify name, atomic number, atomic mass, and chemical symbol of element: (step 2, 6) 10/24

  • Research and identify a color picture of the element and a diagram of the atom. Save it your drive for printing. (step 3, 8) 10/25

Next Step:

  • Research and draft information about human use of the element with citations. (step 4)10/26

  • Research and draft information about the element in nature with citations (step 5) 10/29

Goal: write two well developed paragraphs about your element.

  • (1) about the natural history of the element

  • (2) about human use of the element


  1. set up your science notebook for research in the section reserved for this project.

  2. Conduct research

  3. possible ideas for research

    1. what does the element look like?

    2. when/where was it discovered?

    3. what is its natural physical state (solid, liquid, gas) on earth?

    4. how is it obtained, in what form, etc?

    5. does it have any importance to living things?

    6. What important human uses are there for it?

    7. are there any common uses people would recognize?

    8. is it hazardous to humans?

  4. Take hand-written notes in your science notebook

  5. have these and any OTHER relevant questions researched and ANNOTATED in your notes for Monday.


  • MAth Practice

Grade 8 Agenda:



Do Now:


Momentum Quiz

When complete, you may finish your “Soccer” reading comp.