Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Day 2


Grade 7 Agenda:

EQ: What is the nature of matter?


Greek and LAtin Week 8 word list

  • definitions due Wednesday

Graphic Organizer and Draft Paragraph

  • Both Due Wednesday

  • Either Human Use or NAtural HISTORY (not both) is fine

Do Now:

  1. Open your science notebook to your completed research

  2. Get a copy of the paragraph graphic organizer from the front of the class.


  1. Introduction: drafting a paragraph

    • Class norms

      • Quiet, independent work

      • See me or an aide for assistance as needed.

    • choose either natural history or human uses

      • (whichever you have more/better information for)

  2. Highlight the details and facts you think belong in this paragraph.

  3. Introduce the graphic organizer and instructions for use

    • Fill out the topic

    • Read you HIGHLIGHTED facts - and think about a theme or main idea

      • fill out this section

    • Write a topic sentence

    • complete the Detail Groups

    • Write a concluding thought

    • check with me

  4. draft your paragraph.

  5. Unprepared/under-prepared students will research and take notes by hand per friday’s lesson

    • see me for approval before moving on

    • Your graphic organizer and draft paragraph are due tomorrow.


Second step

Grade 8 Agenda:



Greek and LAtin Week 8 word list

  • definitions due Wednesday

Newton’s First Law read and take notes

  • Do #1 - 3 for tomorrow

Do Now:

Check the White board - List of who did not complete soccer article Reading in the google form

  • complete tonight or receive a zero.

Open your science notebook and set up a section titles “Motion review”


Review of Study Guide for Motion test

You need:

  • Your science notebook

  • A writing instrument

Set up for Around the World format please

Motion Review Around the World Powerpoint Companion

Continuing in Around the World:

Each Prompt with one partner

Read sections as assigned by me