Friday, November 9, 2018. Day 3


Grade 8 will have a period 2 special today.

Grade 8 Agenda:

EQ: How are forces, energy and motion related?


G&L Wk 1-9 quiz on Tuesday

Complete Forces and Motion Lab Wrap Up (end of lab packet)

  • In science notebook

  • Due Tuesday

Do Now:

Take out your homework: Newton’s First Law Read and Take Notes Q. 5 - 10


Review Q. 5, 6, 7

What are balanced and unbalanced forces?

How do unbalanced forces affect a body?  Explain.

What is Newton’s First Law of Motion?

PhET Forces and Motion Basics Lab: Simulation Link

  • Partner work (2 people to a chrome book)

  • Separate to assigned areas

  • Read each question/prompt

  • discuss

  • respond in full sentences

Answer in neatly written, complete sentences.

ANy unfinished work is homework over the weekend.


Grade 7 Agenda:



G&L Wk 1-9 quiz on Tuesday

States of Matter Activity and Wrap Up due Tuesday

States of matter Simulation

Do Now:


Project work and states of Matter activity when done.