Friday, December 7, 2018. Day 6


Grade 7 agenda:

EQ: how does energy AFFECT matter?

All student’s are reminded to respect the substitute teacher.


Complete Heat Questions as assigned in today’s lesson (below).

Due Monday

Do Now:

Copy HW into YOUR assignment notebook.


Read “Heat” in Motion Forces and Energy (chapter 6, Section 2, p.162-167).

  • Copy the questions into your science notebook and answer them.

  • Skip 3 spaces after each response.

  • For Q.5 make the table but do not copy the question.

  • complete #’s 1- 5

  • Study or read as time permits.


Grade 8 agenda:

All student’s are reminded to respect the substitute teacher.

EQ: How are motion, forces and energy related?


Readworks: Crashing, Jumping, Falling

Do Now:

Obtain a chrome book

Begin work.


Reflect on mistakes you made in the last readworks assignment.

Read and complete Readworks: Crashing, Jumping, Falling

This assignment is due before school Monday

Required: Enter Answer into this google form

If time permits, students may work on “Can Newton Save Me”

Dear Substitue:

Student’s may use a chrome book for the readworks but must be monitored.

Any mis-use must be reported to me for further action.

Take the chrome book away from any student who is off task and report that to me please.