Thursday April 5 2018 Day 5


Grade 8 agenda:


  • Finished Critter Kids due tomorrow

  • 1 colored worksheet of chromosomes due tomorrow


  • Take a copy of the chromosome worksheet

  • keep out for instructions

  • SLANT:


Pass back Genetics after Mendel RC quiz

  • Review

Genetics after Mendel Powerpoint and Notes

Time to work on chromosomes/critters



  • Genius Hour Time



Grade 7 agenda:


Stock and Flow Model Questions 1, 2, and 3 only

  • See below for details


Please get out your HW Reading Responses

Cloud seeding article

Responses in science notebook



Pass back and go over Hydrologic cycle Comprehension Quiz

Review result from Systems and Water Cycle Quiz

  • Returned in email

Los Angeles Cloud seeding RC Quiz

  • Open notes and article

  • check for HW completion as students work


Handout - Stocks and Flows

Read and discuss in class

For HW:

  1. What is a stock?

  2. What is a flow? What are two types of flows?

  3. How do stocks respond to the balance between different flows?

  4. Identify an example of a "stock" of something that results from two or more "flows" and diagram it.

  • It may be anything in your life.

  • It may not be an example used in the handout.

  • Use the diagram tools in the handout.