Tuesday, September 18, 2018. Day 3.



Grade 8 Agenda:


Greek and Latin Week 3 Definitions due tomorrow.

Do Now:

Please take out your Vector Solutions worksheet.


Pass back and review motion quiz.

Go over Vectors Worksheet Solutions.

Introduce CPO equipment

Average Speed lab


G&L Week 3 Words

Grade 7 Agenda:


Do Now:

  • Please open your notes to the last topic (MEASURING liquid volume and the meniscus)

  • Copy this data table neatly into your science notebook.


Volume Measurement Lab:

Review meniscus and measurement protocol:

8 stations

groups assigned by me

make measurement and record in science notebook

take great care not to spill or break Please

be sure to use appropriate precision (estimated digit) and label units

Add your results to the Class data table:

Lab Protocols and Norms

  • work cooperatively

  • Everyone should check the group’s work is accurate and precise.

  • Stay at your station with your team

  • Listen for my instructions