Wednesday, January 2, 2019. Day 5


Grade 8 Agenda:


What is Energy? Chapter outline assignment (see lesson below)

  • due tomorrow

Do Now:

Complete the following on the sheet handed out in class.

  1. What is energy?

  2. What is kinetic energy?

  3. What is potential energy?

  4. Describe an example of kinetic energy being converted into potential energy.


Collect and assess Do Now:

Pass out reading and Chapter Outline assignment

Review requirements:

silent, individual work

100% finished for tomorrow

First Glance need not be written into outline

“Intro Paragraphs” may not have enough content to fully develop

Read What is energy? (Ch. 5 Sec.1 Pg. 126-130) in Motion Forces and Energy

Complete the What is Energy? Chapter outline assignment

  • due tomorrow

Pass back Newton’s 1st and 2nd quiz

Pass back Newton and Me Posters

review grades - missing work status.


Values and Decision making

Grade 7 Agenda:


Experimental Variables Worksheet due TOMORROW

  • side 1 only

Do Now:

Get a copy of

Read each response and edit it for spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization.


Sharing edited responses.

Pass out the Response Scoring Rubric

partner groups

Read and assess which response is best. Score each response as follows (1 point each)

  1. TTQA

  2. Answers the question that is asked

  3. Explains a method/reasoning for determining the average rate of heat loss.

  4. The explanation is clear enough that it is reproduceable – another person could follow and replicate it.

  5. Spelling, grammar, capitalization are good – few errors and very readable.

10 minutes to read and score

class sharing of results.