Friday, January 18, 2019. Day 5


Grade 8 Agenda:


Search for the Super Battery

  1. Complete Questions 1 through 5 in your science notebook.

Do Now:

Energy transformations Lab Quiz

  • Open Notes


SEARCH for the Super Battery

  • Video, Discussion, and Wrap Up


Grade 7 Agenda:


Do Now:

Take out your homework - The GARBAGE Barge

Prepare to use it to answer a set of quiz questions.


Please take out your notes from lab yesterday.

  • Complete the garbage barge RC quiz

Lab Wrap Up

What are the most important qualities of a cup for warm beverages?

  • Work with your assigned partner

    • Compare notes on each cup

  • make a list of the 10 most important attributes of a cup for keeping a beverage warm

    • organize them in order of importance - (1 to 10)

  • Partner Squares

    • COMPARE lists

  • discuss differences

    • make a new list based on your agreement of the most important characteristics

  • Present.