Wednesday, January 23, 2019. Day 1


Grade 8 Agenda:


  1. Final energy and energy transformations test - Monday, January 28th.

    1. Study Guide

  2. Calculating GPE and KE Practice Quiz due tomorrow

Do Now:

Please take out your notes from the video “Search for the Super Battery”

Take a copy of the “Energy and Energy transformations Test” study guide

work on the “Do Now” problem passed out inclass.

Ball Toss Digram.png

 student tosses a ball as shown on the diagram.

1.       What energy transformation occurs between the boy and the ball at position 1?

2.       How much PE is gained by the ball as it rises to position 4? Describe this in terms of the energy the boy adds to the ball at position 1.

3.       What is happening to kinetic energy and potential energy at position 5.

4.       Compare the total energy at position 7 to the total energy at position 1. Explain how you can make this comparison with confidence.


Search for the Super Battery Comprehension quiz

Review of Do Now

Review of study guide

Practice Packet?


Conference and Study Time

Grade 7 Agenda:


Finish Design Process Diagram as needed

Do Now:

  1. Copy the diagram below into your science notebook.

  2. Color it in a similar manner

  • you do not need to use identical colors.

Engineering Design Process.png


Define the problem: My hot chocolate gets cold too quickly!

Criteria - review of definition

Review of criteria developed in class yesterday

consolidating into a finalized list


What constraints are you likely to face in solving this problem?

Brainstorming of possible constraints