Tuesday, January 28, 2019. Day 5


Grade 8 Agenda:

Class meets in Mr. Wahlstrom’s Room with Mr. Wahlstrom


Google classroom: Secret of photograph 51 reflection due Friday.

Did you miss all or part of the video? Here it is!

Do Now

Please take a copy of the video writing prompt.

Please get out your HW (DNA questions)

do not remove it from your notebook but prepare to let me review it.


the secret of photograph 51

  • Video INTRODUCTION and viewing

finish tests

Grading and passing back yesterdays test results


Grade 7 Agenda:

Class meets in Mr. Wahlstrom’s Room with Mrs. Montgomery


All groups should be able to demonstrate they have completed:

  • at least three independent design sketches

  • Scoring

  • final selection with a written justification

  • In your science notebook project journal

  • no later than Wednesday.

Do Now.


Beverage Container design Project

Brainstorming Solutions!

In your science notebook:

  • Journal at least three different design ideas.

evaluate each using the rubric example provided on the handout.

  • copy rubric and score for each solution

select the final solution concept

  • Write a short paragraph justifying your reason for selecting.

Plan to build.

Keep in mind restrictions on time and materials

  1. You may use recycled materials, but you have a maximum budget of $10 if you need to purchase anything.

  2. You may not use an existing product as part of your design. All designs must start with an existing cup (such as plastic or paper disposable )for holding the liquid and be modified from that point.

  3. Your prototype must be finished and built for testing no later than: February 11th.

Next steps:

  • make a materials list

    • what will you need?

  • Make a resources list

    • what do you need for help or resources other than materials?

  • make a plan for meeting and building

    • when will you meet to construct?

  • REMEMBER to work on this early

    • things go wrong…