Monday, January 7th 2019. Day 2


Grade 7 Agenda:


Complete assigned classwork as needed

Do Now:

Obtain a chrome book under the instructions of your teacher

Open up your data table for the lab for grading.


We will complete the lab tomorrow.

Today, you will begin drafting your lab report. Do the following:

  • Take out the lab description and notes on variables we used last week.

  • Open up the report assignment in Google Classroom

  • Fill out a proper heading and appropriate title on the template.

    • (get rid of the labels such as “name”, “date”, and “title”)

Draft and fill out the following parts of the report:

  • experimental question

  • hypothesis

    • Keep all bold heading for these sections - type on the line below them (or in the table)

    • Your experimental question and hypothesis must be in complete sentences.

Fill out the variables table

  • Name the variable under description

  • explain or justify each variable under explanation

Write a 1st draft of the method under this section

  • write in first person (I/We)

  • Use the “Cup Test Procedures and Notes” to guide you

  • Be original - write in your own words

  • our procedure will be similar to the last “cup lab” - only each group will test a different cup


Study and Conference Time

Grade 8 Agenda:


COMPLETE Potential Energy Practice Worksheet for TOMORROW

Do Now:


Quiz - Forms of Energy

Complete this form first

complete the open response in Google Classroom second