Tuesday, January 8, 2019. Day 3


Grade 8 Agenda:


Finish classwork as needed

Do Now:

Get out your GPE Calculation Practice HW

  • place your name on it for me to COLLECT.


Read pages 131 and 132 in Motion Forces and Energy.

  • Answer Q’s. 1-4 your science notebook:

  • Set up an appropriate heading.

  • copy each question

  • Skip one line and answer it using text evidence to support your response.

  • Skip two more lines then go on to the next question.

  1. What is meant by the term “energy transformation?”

  2. Describe three energy transformations involved in riding a bike.

  3. What is the law of conservation of energy?

  4. Use an example to explain the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Next, use the Phet energy skate park simulation to complete the following:

  • Use the “Basics” simulation only.

  • Turn On the pie chart, graph, and grid by clicking the boxes next to each.

  • Set the simulation to “Slow motion.”

  • Place a skater at the top of the ramp and let her go. Make observations and do the following in your science notebook.

  1. Make a full page (landscape) Sketch of the ramp.

  2. use any one of the three provided.

  3. Show (sketch) the skater in three different locations.

  4. Show the pie chart of KE-PE next to the skater at each location.

  5. use two different colors for KE and PE

    • include a key.

  6. Write a paragraph based on your sketch and simulation that discusses how your work shows both transformations of energy and conservation of energy.


Conference and Independent Work

Grade 7 Agenda:


No homework.

Do Now:


Coffee cup Lab

Student work in groups

data collection