Wednesday, January 9, 2019. Day 4


Grade 7 Agenda:


Complete Google Classroom Graph

Do Now:

Please OPEN up you lab data


Coffee cup lab wrap up:

Be sure your work has the correct Graph title and colors.

Be sure your followed every assigned detail in the instructions.

Be sure you use your reflection from the last lab to improve your work.

Unsubmit, check, resubmit

Google classroom

time to work in class with assistance.


Study and Conference Time

Grade 8 Agenda:


google Classroom ASSIGNMENT due Friday

  • How Mass and height Affect PE

Do Now:

In your science notebook: respond to the following.

  1. How does increasing mass or height affect the potential energy of a body?

  2. How much would doubling mass affect the potential energy of a body?

  3. How much would doubling height affect the potential energy of a body?


Pass back and go over PE Calculation Practice HW

Open up the work you completed on energy transformations and conservation of energy (yesterday).

  • discuss

RELEASE quiz grades: forms of Energy

Student review of quizzes: Make a two column chart in your science notebook. Title it “Forms of Energy Quiz Corrections”

for each error you made:

  • List the terms or example you made a mistake on in the left column.

  • Write the correct answer, definition or explanation int he right column

Once finished:

Start the google classroom assignment introduced in class.