Monday, February 10, 2019. Day 2


all students: Please bring your agenda, colored pencils or equivalent, and IMPS notebook to IMPS today.

Student's who fail to do so will be considered unprepared for class.

Grade 7 Agenda:


Please complete and turn in a Presentation Quality Drawing of a cup of your choices.

Do Now:

Please seat your self with your group

put your Beverage Container on the table


Finish Presentation Quality Drawings

  • top front and side views

  • dimensions

  • all views aligned and in correct layout

  • drawn to scale

  • object, name, scale, and units labeled

Label and store your team’s prototype cup


Grade 8 Agenda:


Do Now:


Review DNA lab prep worksheet

DNA extraction Lab Handout - student

Read and review.

Cell Organelles

Cell Structure Chapter