Friday, March 22, 2019. Day 1


Grade 8 Agenda:


Chapter test: Reproduction of Organisms next Thursday.

Study guide given Monday

Complete all questions in CH7 Reproduction of Organisms - Learn Smart

Started in class.

due Monday.

Do Now:

prepare for a quiz


Quiz: Asexual Reproduction

grade and return in class.

Students to work on: CH7 Reproduction of Organisms - Learn Smart

Assigned in digital textbook.

This is a study and practice tool for the Reproduction Chapter test Next week.

Technology failure plan.

  • complete the Chapter study Guide Pages 258 and 259 in your science notebook

  • copy and respond to each question/prompt.

Bowerbird Mating Display

Bowerbird Mating Display


Grade 7 Agenda:


Complete the windmill project worksheet for Monday.

Do Now:

sit and chill - in complete silence.


The windmill projects