Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Day 4


Schedule: 1st period (normal)

Related arts 9:15 to 10:05

MCAS Practice 10:05 to 10:55 (approx)

Transition to next academic after MCAS

  • No WIN

Split Classes after lunch - times TBD

Grade 7 Agenda:


read “Using Energy” (pg. 396-7) and respond to Guiding questions

Do Now:


Review Friction Key COncept Builder

SLANT: Friction and the law of conservation of energy

  1. Sometimes friction makes it look like The Law of Conservation of Energy is being broken.

  2. Friction is a force that resists sliding of two surfaces that are touching.

    • converts kinetic energy (motion) into thermal energy.

  3. All surfaces have some friction

    • rough pavement (high friction)

    • ice (low friction)

  4. friction “wastes” mechanical energy

    • lubrication (oil) and bearings) reduce friction

    • make a bike easier to ride

Read and respond:

Paired students read “Using Energy” (pg. 396-7) and respond to Guiding questions (from teacher ed.)

class share, line dance, etc.


MCAS Practice: 10:05 to 11:00

Grade 8 Agenda:



Do Now:

  1. Re-read p 247

  2. Define and describe asexual reproduction in your notes

  3. Re-read p 248

  4. Review the diagram (below) and answer the following questions.

    • If a single bacteria contaminates our lunch food at 8:00 am, how many will be on it when you eat at 11:20?

    • How many will be on it when the last lunch is served at 12:40

Video: Bacterial growth

modeling bacterial growth Challenge

- how long does it take to grow 1 million bacteria?

Pass BAck Mammoth CLoning and review

Do Now Bacterial Growth p248 Cause and Effect.JPG


small group

Use your chapter outline to complete the lesson outline (handout)

compare to answer key and grade your work



Planarian Regeneration

Newt Limb regeneration