Monday, March 25, 2019. Day 2


Grade 7 Agenda:


Pinwheel Power lab

Complete Analyze and Conclude (steps 11 through 14 plus “communicate your results”)

Do Now:

get out your pinwheel power lab instructions

obtain your pinwheel

begin work


Complete the Lab activity

finish wind turbine

thread and washer

add about 1/3 water to stabilize

Form Hypothesis (step 7)


time to hoist all (100 cm) thread

lo/medium/hi (if available)

record data in space for step 10


Negative relationships

Grade 8 Agenda:


Chapter 7 Test - Friday

  1. review the Chapter 7 Study guide - pg. 258

  2. complete flashcards for all vocabulary terms

    • see below for image of page

Do Now:

copy HW and leave it out for me to review.

Please get a textbook while I pass out papers.

re-evaluate your “Getting Ready to read” from chapter 7

  • change any responses you wish

  • Review


go over HW assignment for tomorrow

“Getting Ready to Read”

fill out and pass in

Launch Lab

Poll and record 3 traits

Students to self check then group according to trait

  1. attached/unattached earlobes

  2. curved/straight thumbs

  3. interlacing fingers (left versus right)

complete launch lab paper


Paired reading and outlining (267, 268, 269)

  • Main Idea

  • supporting details

  • vocabulary

work on HW as time permits