Tuesday, April 2, 2019. Day 2


Grade 7 Agenda:


complete for tomorrow

Do Now:

  1. Please get out your energy resources outline

  2. please copy the HW into your assignment notebook


Review and go over the Energy resources Lesson Outline

answer key

Inquiry: Minilab

What energy resources provide our electric energy?

Partner project

how do i convert a percentage into degrees for a circle graph

how do I make a circle graph

MAKING the circle graph

complete questions and Content Practice B worksheet for tomorrow


Grade 8 Agenda:


Mendel and his Peas quiz Thursday

Do Now:

If a species of fly has eight chromosomes in its body cells DURING normal functioning (interphase):

  1. Where did the fly get its CHROMOSOMES?

  2. How many did it RECEIVE from (each) source?

  3. How many chromosomes would its sex cells have?

  4. How many chromosomes would the body cells of its CHILDREN have?

Complete the Content Vocabulary Practice worksheet


Review Science Notebook Outline of lesson.

Focus vocabulary

  • self-pollination vs. cross pollination

  • true breeding vs hybrid

  • dominant vs. recessive

  • heredity versus genetics

Complete Hybrids in the Wild reading and questions

in your science notebook