Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Day 1


Grade 8 Agenda:


Read Diploid Cell (pg 236) and Haploid Cells (pg 237) in cause and effect.

  1. List each new vocabulary term

  2. define it from context in the reading

  3. Write two questions you want answered about this material.

Do Now:

Get out your launch lab.

Take an index card as you come in the door.

Read “What is sexual reproduction?” in Cause and effect (pg.235)

List each vocabulary term

define it from context in the reading

Write two questions you want answered about this process on the index card provided.


Discuss Launch Lab

  1. In what way were other offspring similar or different?

  2. What might be responsible for the differences?

  3. This models sexual reproduction. Why might this form of reproduction be beneficial to offspring?

Review: What is sexual reproduction?

sexual reproduction

  • egg

  • sperm

  • fertilization

  • zygote

How are litters of different kittens similar to the lab?

Fertilization and Birth - Brainpop

Questions and Discussion


Grade 7 Agenda:


Complete launch lab “Think About This” for tomorrow in class.

Do Now:

Please take out “How strong is your parachute?

Open your science notebook to your HW on “What is energy?”

Why is this cat glowing?

  1. Create a “Do Now” on the next page of your science notebook.

  2. Label it “Forms of Energy Introduction (pg. 384)”

  3. Respond to the question “Why is this cat glowing?”

Why is this cat glowing?

Why is this cat glowing?


Discuss “Patterns” How strong is your parachute?

  • collect

Discuss Do Now:

  1. What kind of picture is this?

  2. What do the colors and brightness mean?

  3. How does fur affect the colors?

  4. If a car was driven on a long trip, how would it look in this kind of photograph?


What is energy?




Launch Lab:

Can you make a change in matter?

  • Read and discuss lab.

  • Assign groups

  • Questions or clarifications about the lab.

  • Student work: