Monday, March 11, 2019. Day 4


Grade 7 Agenda


  1. Vocabulary Flashcards: forms of energy unit

    • due on Tuesday

      • energy

      • kinetic energy

      • potential energy

      • gravitational potential energy

      • elastic potential energy

      • chemical potential energy

  2. Vocabulary Quiz: Wednesday

  3. Chapter quiz: Friday

    • practice worksheets and/or study guide to be given later in the week.

Do Now:

  1. Quiet class please - no requests

  2. copy Homework into your assignment notebook.

  3. Open your science notebook

    • next blank page

    • SLANT

  • Topic: Kinetic and potential energy



  1. energy is the ability to cause change

    • energy is measured in a unit called the joule

  2. kinetic energy is energy due to motion.

    • It is affected by speed and mass

    • as speed increases so does kinetic energy

    • as mass increases so does kinetic energy

    • examples…

  3. Potential energy is energy that is stored due to interactions between objects or particles.

    • Gravitational potential energy: energy stored by the attraction between two object’s due to gravity

    • depends upon mass, the acceleration due to gravity, and height

    • weight is mass x gravitational acceleration

    • PE = Mass ∙ Gravitational Acceleration ∙ Height

    • PE = Weight ∙ Height

    • examples…

  4. Elastic potential energy: energy stored in objects that are compressed or stretched

    • rubber band

  5. chemical potential energy: energy stored in chemical bonds between atoms

    • fuels like gasoline and wood

    • food

Independent Work:

Read Energy and Work

  1. Define work.

  2. What two factors determine how much work is done?

  3. List three examples of how you can do work on an object?

You may work on the flash cards if time permits.



Emotions and decisions

Grade 8 agenda:


Quiz tomorrow - unit vocabulary listed below

  • no use of flashcards

  • some questions will not include a word bank or suggested choices.

Do Now: (quiet class conditions)

  1. FLASH card check

    • sexual reproduction egg sperm fertilization

    • zygote haploid diploid homologous chromosomes

    • meiosis

  2. Complete worksheet: Content Vocabulary: sexual reproduction and Meiosis


Flash card check (teacher)

Review and discuss Content Vocabulary worksheet

Labeling the steps of mitosis (worksheet)

Amoeba sisters video

Based on the video, Discuss and describe the meaning/significance of each OF these terms.

  • complete in your science notebook

  • Re-watch the video as needed.

  • reduction division

  • independent assortment

  • crossing over - recombinant chromosomes

  • variety

  • meiosis is just mitosis twice

labeling the steps of Meiosis (worksheet)