Tuesday, April 23, 2019. Day 6


Community Service Opportunity

  • Page at town meeting

  • May 7. 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Grade 7 Agenda:


Complete the chapter 11 review questions on page 414.

  1. copy the question

  2. copy the full correct answer.

  3. write the page number in the book where the answer is discussed.

    • Use the online textbook to find the information and review.

Do Now:

  1. Please open up to your homework

    • Then!

  2. Obtain a chrome book and log into the online textbook


go over last night’s homework

  • complete the concept map assignment in the online textbook

Review toniGHT'S homework assignment

Review Project assignment requirements

  1. Read and understand the project description

  2. identify the research questions

  3. use resource links to complete research

  4. copy and take notes on each research question in your science notebook

  5. When research is complete, see me for permission to move on.

complete the concept map assignment in the online textbook then move on into the project please

Project Intro and Work



Conference and work time.

Grade 8 Agenda:


Complete Understanding Inheritance (Science Notebook)

  • for tomorrow

Do Now:

  1. Please get out your homework from last night

  2. fill out your agenda with TONIGHT'S homework

  3. complete Content Practice A and B Worksheet


Go over Content Vocabulary worksheet due tomorrow

Review content Practice A and B (Do Now)

Lesson 2 review: Understanding Inheritance (Science Notebook)

  • work on in class