Thursday, April 25, 2019. Day 2


Molly, Ahlanna and Corrin - presentations today.

Grade 7 Agenda:


Complete the practice test in the online textbook (homework).

  • due by 8:00 AM

Do Now:

Please open up to your work on the Critical Thinking Questions 11 - 15.

  • PAGE 415



Review questions 11-15:

Project research and proposal - in google Classroom

Due by end of class tomorrow.

No work on a product until this has been turned in and approved.


Grade 8 Agenda:



Understanding Heredity Practice Quiz must be completed by tomorrow at 8:00 AM

Re-watch the brainpop on genetic mutations and read the handout.

  1. How do mutations occur? What causes them?

  2. Are mutations helpful, harmful, or both? Use examples to illustrate your answer.

  3. Define the the word “deleterious.” Explain what this word has to do with the BrainPop video.

  4. How can mutations cause a species change its traits over time?

  5. Could a mutation produce a “monster” species or perhaps superpowers in a human?

Do Now:


RC Quiz: Adaptation and Evolution

Review the information on Page 329 of the text.

Complete the Mini Lab Worksheet

BrainPop: Genetic Mutations